So…about those Banks

In Britney Spears, FML, Hate The Banks, Money Trouble, Paul Krugman, Politics, Space Aliens, Stupid People on July 18, 2012 at 10:40 PM

Banks are not your friend.

I mean, like “duh”! Right?

Who even thought up the concept of a bank? Oh, Italians. Of course.

Well, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, Banks are not your friend. They act like they are, by sending you constant invites to their exclusive “credit card” clubs. Then they shame you by telling you your creditworthiness is not up to snuff. Then of course, they try to sell you on their credit rating monitoring program.

They entice you with ads and promises of credit, loans, and interest rates that will make all your financial dreams come true.

Ha! What a bunch of hooey.

Banks are not your friend. Sure, they want your money. Even if it’s merely pennies. My goodness, what a bank can do with just pennies! But they don’t care about you. They don’t care about the Community, or Society, or anyone but themselves!

And who are the Banks? They’re the CEOs and Elite Executives of the corporation. Because Banks are Corporations and as Mittens says “Corporations are people, my friend”.

Hmm, really? So, could we walk up to a Bank and slap it’s face for pulling this kind of crap?

What about this crap?

Or how about a little of this mixed in with a bit of this and that?

It’s enough to make someone scream! And want to slap someone! But, who?

“Corporations are people, my friend.”

Yes, Mittens. That’s all well and good, however there’s no one to slap, is there?

What exactly are we supposed to do here? Line up all the CEOs and Elite Executives and punch them in the face?

Hmmm, actually…

Seriously. What in the world is going on and could the Aliens just come down and save us from ourselves already?

I for one wouldn’t mind really if we were taken over by a Superior Race and told what to do. As long as we stopped abusing each other and cleaned up the planet.

Really. I think it would be fine, just wonderful in fact, if the Superior Race placed us under a Conservatorship or something. I mean Britney’s doing so much better now, right?


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