Eat a hot pepper!

In Politics, Stupid People on July 10, 2010 at 6:22 PM

I didn’t feel like I was angry enough at the world to blog recently. How ridiculous! There’s so much to be angry about every day. Every single day.

I went for a job interview also. It didn’t make me angry, it just made me sad. I don’t think I’ll ever have a job again and I’m slowly becoming one of those people whom everyone else seems to hate. My friend’s father has decided to hate anyone who is unemployed. He firmly believes that we are all just lazy bums, leeching the system. Oh, yes! Because it’s such a pleasure having nothing to do and no money with which to do it. He’s kind of a moron. He’s also a Republican, a bigot, and another Palin/Coulter supporter. Who are these crazy people? Where did they come from? What trauma did they suffer in their lives to make them so unreasonably insane?

I don’t know. She told me that he keeps emailing her political youtube videos and articles about how unemployed people are taking advantage of all the hard-working “real” Americans. He keeps talking about some girl he knows from somewhere, some colleague’s stepdaughter or something, who routinely gets a job, works long enough to go on unemployment and then gets herself fired so she can go to the beach all day until her unemployment runs out again.

Really? I need a judge’s ruling on this one because I just find it too hard to believe. How old is this girl? Where is she getting these jobs? I strongly suspect it’s in fast food or teen retail. How is it she keeps getting awarded unemployment without question? I had a hard time getting reinstated the second time I was on unemployment in a year. Without a letter from my former employer, I’m not sure I would have received it. I am only getting less than $1,000 a month as it is, and currently not even that until the Senate votes to reinstate benefits. Does this girl have any rent to pay? Does she have bills? A car payment? Anything? Maybe she’s only working during Summers because she’s a student. I don’t know. Something’s fishy about this story. Especially about her spending all day at the beach. Who does that anymore? What, is this girl 17? And why would she be spending all day at the beach when it’s been like the coldest Summer in forever?

Anyway, he uses this mystery girl as a reason to hate all unemployed people who have somehow driven the national debt into the trillions by refusing to work. As if it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with Bush’s vanity wars or the Ayn Rand-loving Republicans allowing Wall Street to run rough shod all over the American dream of home ownership. I seem to recall that as Clinton left office there was a practical plan of controlling and paying down the debt, and now after a solid 8 years of Red State BS, we again have a Democratic (allegedly) regime. What now? Things had become such a mess they called the janitor in to clean it all up?

It really pisses me off to hear my friend’s stepfather blow hard about “all these bums on the dole”. Unemployment Benefits are INSURANCE! We paid into the system when we were working our asses off just like everyone else. Do we get to complain about how all the old folks get Medicare and SSI? No, we don’t. Because they paid into the system. Oh, wait. Maybe some of them didn’t. Maybe it was their husband, or their parent who paid in. By his ignorant logic do we get to just cut them off to set them straight?

This man is the epitome of what I can’t stand. He has a job he hates. He goes to it everyday. He has risen up the ranks simply by showing up every day. He makes good money. He has good benefits and retirement. He’s moderately invested and moderately realized gains. He was able to improve his house and has gained equity there. He takes vacations. He gets a new car every 4 years. He is your average white, middle-class, Baby Boomer. He watches TV all the time. As a matter of fact, it’s his media of choice and he gets all his global perspective from FOX News. I don’t know why he latches onto ideas that certain groups of people are ruining “his” America. It’s the creative people who won’t get a steady job. It’s the illegal immigrants who take jobs away from Americans. It’s the Liberals who give jobs away. It’s the unemployed who refuse to work. It’s the students who force their parents to pay for expensive college tuition and then won’t leave the house or get a job. It’s the Jews who want to destroy Christian values. It’s the Gays and Lesbians who want to destroy the family units. It’s the Satan Worshippers (really? REALLY?) who want to destroy God’s Church. It’s the Entertainment Industry who wants to destroy the American culture.

It’s always someone else who is attacking this man. I think he feels like he’s supposed to be a King because he’s the white man who’s done everything right. He went to school, he got a job, he got a wife, he bought a house, he got a family, he does what he’s supposed to and…now what? The Liberals have ruined the country for him.

Shouldn’t he be delighted that his greedy buddies threw the economy into a depression? Don’t let them fool you into thinking this is just a little recession, kids. It’s a depression, yes it is. And this one is not great. This is one will probably be known as the The F*CKING DEPRESSION.

Okay, I’m done ranting about his stupid ignorant ass. I know what’s wrong with him. I won’t say it here. Okay, I will. He needs to get laid and even a crack whore won’t do it.


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