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In Politics on July 1, 2010 at 10:07 PM

We were so angry about it all we simply had to blog.  We are simply ready to take up arms and storm the Bastille, or something similar, but alas these are the days in which apathy reigns supreme.

So, no.

We started a blog instead.

Why are we so angry? Well, just have a look outside! I cannot inform on anything televised as I no longer have a television. I was laid off from work more than once last year and I am still a bit angry about that. I am also angry about the whole unemployment thing. I am angry that I have only had 26 weeks of insurance while others have had up to 99 weeks. I am angry that employers are shredding resumes from the unemployed without even giving them a once-over. I am angry that a girl who is practically a toddler now sits at my desk and has the gall to send me emails like this about twice a month:

“Oh, hey howzit? Every 1 here misses u soooo much! I wish u cld cum back soon. (Name removed to protect the guilty) was hopin’ u wld kno were the old log books r at? I looked in the storag rm but its not their.

let me kno and hope u hv a killer 4th!”

I hope she gets a brain tumor from sniffing toner.

I am also angry that Democratic Senator Ben Nelson, widely suspected of really being a filthy dirty Republican,  has soured the milk on the unemployment extension, leaving millions of people without any income whatsoever. And now they’ve all gone off on their two-week vacation and will not vote again until late July.  According to my research, it will take another month to six weeks before anyone gets a check after the bill is voted in. So, it looks like the soonest anyone will get any benefits again will be around mid-to late August, but most likely not until mid-to late September.

Woohoo! No income for nearly three months. That’s almost a full fiscal quarter they don’t have to pay anyone.

The Republicans are stating they don’t feel comfortable voting in something that would add approximately $34 Billion to the deficit without budget cuts in order to pay for it. Hmmm, I seem to remember some kind of budget surplus at the beginning of the Bush Era of Terror. And I don’t recall anyone demanding to know how the two wars we’re currently in were going to be paid for.

I wrote to Senator Nelson of Nebraska. I told him I was glad my dad moved away from that crap of a state as soon as he could and that I hoped he had a fantastic vacay while millions were having their utilities shut off because of bi-partisan BS.

I am tired now. I am going to bed. I will let you all know what I am angry about tomorrow. It will probably be Joe Jackson and possibly Anne Coulter, or maybe the insolent pizza delivery boy.


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